20+ Wonderful Free Pattern Crochet Bags Project Ideas You Have Never Seen Before- 2021

Cute Jute Circle Purse Bag Pattern


-5 mm thick jute (This is a very thick jute– I used this 900 ft roll of Natural Jute from Hobby Lobby [link here], use a 40% off coupon!)
-15mm crochet hook
-button for top closure (I would suggest using a “shank” type button)
-purse handles (I just used some I already had off an old purse– they had clip-on clasps that I just attached to the sides. You could sew some on or even crochet your own! Also consider thrifting an older purse and taking off the handles.)
-needle and thread
-heavy starch (I used “Faultless” brand)

Circle circumference is about 11.5 inches

Click For Free Pattern

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