15+ Very Beautiful And Free Christmas Ornament Crochet Patterns- 2021

Are you looking for ideas for Christmas decorations? Whether you’re trying to cover the whole tree with Christmas crochet ornaments this year or are looking to add a special ornament a year, this collection of 15+ adorable and free crochet Christmas ornaments is where you’ll find them!
Speaking of Christmas decorations, I have a new model for coasters! Although these are not included in the following list, they are a lovely little addition to your home! (I bet they would be great at a craft fair too!)

Cream Plum Pudding Crochet Ornaments Pattern

Skill Level: Easy

Bring this fabulous accessory to life as part of your festive home decor. Lily Sugar’n Cream makes them so delicious with vibrant shades you choose to match any theme. Hang them up, place them separately, or place them together with other seasonal items. However you do it, they bring festive joy to any setting.

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